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Financial planning - See costs in graph which will occur in future

If you have scheduled expenses, they are not mentioned in the graph. If you vould visualize future incomes and expenses you could use financisto even for financial planning.

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    Stan shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • 榛 黄 commented  · 


      • Ahai commented  · 

        Hi Stan,

        this would really be a cool thing to have! :)

      • Chris Brown commented  · 

        I would also like to have scheduled expenses in exports and Graphs.
        Can you tell us when this feature will be ready to ship? I need this to have all transactions in my Excel file.

        (I come from iOS and want to use financisto on Android)

      • panwat s commented  · 

        Try search "Home budget with sync" in android market

      • Claudio commented  · 

        Add a a new principal screen with today (or a x) dateand a data date where under i can see the situation of accounts and total. If possible between two date insert two colums with € in and out where tap to see details. I love financisto and i think that with a similar update it Will Be perfect. I'm sorry for my english. Hi.

      • Vitaliy commented  · 

        It's me again )))

        I've forgot the main idea.
        Both statuses (Scheduled and Reported Scheduled) must not be taken into account in current total balance.

      • Vitaliy commented  · 

        I think there is no need to have scheduled transactions as a separate entity.
        This problem should be solved by statuses.
        For example, status "Scheduled" - do not displayed in reports, but displayed in list of transactions. And transactions with such status could be entered like usual transactions.

        To solve the problem in topic header, I suggest to add another one status "Reported Scheduled", which will be displayed in reports and in transaction list.

        I think that it will more comfortable to see scheduled transactions with all other.

        Best regards.

      • REYNALDO DIAZ commented  · 

        Need to see my future balance based on current balance, future expenses and future income. this will let me see if my current plane will not let me with a negative balance in the future, and if so, I have to change my plan

      • JorgeAA commented  · 

        One way to do all this things is can be possible to launch the scheduled transactions with "n" days in advance. Then would be possible to "mount" all the transactions of the next mounth before your beginning. The budget also would show this transactions. There is this idea here in the Forum.

      • Duralight commented  · 

        Voted for this feature!
        I love financisto (IMHO best finance app on market). But i really miss that particular part.

        For what do I use monthly transactions if I'm not able to plan with them and see what my balance will be in 6 months.

        Anyways: Good job! Tank you!

      • Joe commented  · 

        I think that's necessary in Financisto, so you can really see them in the graphs and get a better overview of the expenses.

      • lraleigh commented  · 

        Yes! Being able to schedule (recurring) projected income and expense items and then see the future cashflow by account would be a HUGE plus.

      • denniswennen commented  · 

        True, I was also thinking about that feature!
        For the moment now, I create and extra account (Named future budget or something) and when I want to plan something, I just add in there. I set the payments date to a future date. In the reporting section I use than reporting for the future and current months (6 months span, 3 before, the current and 2 months ahead) to get a clear view.
        I also use the budget section where I can see future budgets. (Obvious the date of the budget is set in the future)

        There would maybe be a better way when you can see the scheduled transactions

      • jumha commented  · 

        Scheduled recurring transactions in the future are not reflected in the reports, and hence, the forecast in their application to the records is not possible, as I understood.
        And after analyzing the problem in the past expenditure forecast for the importance of standing for at least second place in the domestic affairs, and pity, if such a cool prog it is not. Need a forecast!
        Запланированные повторяющиеся транзакции в будущем в отчетах не отражаются, и, значит, прогноз с их применением по отчетам невозможен, как я понял.
        А после задачи анализа прошедших расходов прогноз по важности стоит как минимум на втором месте в домашних делах, и обидно, если в такой классной проге его нет. Нужен прогноз!

      • Vinicius Cordeiro commented  · 

        Not just on report graphs, but into Budgets also, as a created a new idea.

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