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Desktop version and sync

Congratulations on Financisto. It's an excellent application but misses a desktop application with 2-way sync. Analysing data on desktop is way better (IMO). It would cover a huge gap into Android expenses tracker applications.

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    Fabio de LucaFabio de Luca shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        +1 I think that would be great a desktop version to interact and transmit data. Maybe you could take some ideas from JFinancas software to a desktop ver. or to improve this Andriod one.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Great app
        +1 for the idea, I think a web based and a sync through several devices could be great

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I am not voting for this option! I wish I could use my votes to deduct from this option...

        I can explain why.

        There is plenty of things that still needs to be improved in this programm.

        The creation of the desktop version will take all the time, efforts and resourses of the development team. It will leave the mobile version without improvement or slowly developing and the programm will lose in competition with other financial programms.

        That's a kind of thing happened to Inesoft team with their Cash Organizer great in WM but weak in Android.

        Instead it would be more usefull to put the efforts into the export improvement.
        Millions of users are using already different desktop programms.
        They will not switch easily to your desktop version.
        Give them the possibiility to start using using your programm!
        Develop the export functions to these programms and especially put all your efforts to improve export to .csv format!

      • Italo SantosItalo Santos commented  · 

        Maybe the better way to do that is put the database file on dropbox or google drive not just on local storage, doing that the desktop or web app can sync the database too

      • robertrobert commented  · 

        sure wish you had a windows 8 smartphone app

      • robertrobert commented  · 

        were is win8.1 app?

      • CelbesterCelbester commented  · 

        Thank you so much!!! :D Changes made in Financisto app gets reflected to flowzr.com and vice-versa. Thank you so much!!! Was about to suggest a web interface today but you guys have already done it! Thank you!!

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

        Just being able to sync between a tablet and a phone would be a great start if this is easier to implement as I can't see how to do this other than a backup and restore each time.

        The central file could be stored in dropbox as a favourite and an export performed each time before the app chooses so it automatically gets updated. Then if some check could test if it is newer than the database could then do an auto import. This method may then work with a desktop version down the line. Bluestacks and www.socketeq.com could be used in the meantime for desktops.

        I hope this makes some kind of sense.

        The central file could be

      • panwat spanwat s commented  · 

        Really great job of android app.
        I believe people will be willing to pay for desktop version with sync.
        It will be useful for Family financial control and budget.

        Let's get it start!!!

        Meanwhile, TRY "Home budget with sync" or "Cashbase" in Android market
        They all can be synced with multiple devices and web version.

      • José ChavesJosé Chaves commented  · 

        hi, thank you so much for creating Financisto, such an excellent app!

        when are we having the desktop expanssion? it would be fantastic and very handy when you are reconciling accounts on your desktop.

        Please, please please create a desktop client for Financisto.

        Thank you so much!

      • RaychiRaychi commented  · 

        desktop version as in, a financisto chrome app, which syncs with financisto on phone will be great! the chrome app on bigger screen will provide a better visualization on charts and trends of spending, and easier managing when the user is on desktop.

        anyway, thanks a lot on the great app, love financisto very much! really look forward for this feature, please~

      • Edgar NoeEdgar Noe commented  · 

        Please consider Financisto Desktop, would be very usefull!!!

      • CarlCarl commented  · 

        Much needed! Having this capability via a web based and synced platform will allow me to sync across devices and operating systems ( I also work from a company issued iPad).

      • Nigel PNigel P commented  · 

        PS - this could also be achieved by folks interested in this in just developing an add-on for GnuCash (or something like it) which could read the file formats used by Financisto. N

      • Nigel PNigel P commented  · 

        To offer another example - I use the Mindjet android app on my phone, and then use the Freemind desktop app to access and edit the same data file when my phone is plugged in to my PC. This avoids the need for synching or duplicating files (though I can create and work with multiple versions if I want to, as both can read the same ".mm" file format).

        Would be great to be able to do the same thing with Financisto - either with a stand-alone Financisto desktop app, or integration where something like gnucash can open and edit the file format used by Financisto.

        By the way - just downloaded Financisto for the first time today and am loving it! - especially the way it works with different currencies - great for people who travel for work and have to figure out reimbursements in five different currencies. Thankyou :-)

      • Marco MüllerMarco Müller commented  · 

        Congrats on the app so far, it seems awesome!
        I've been trying a lot of different day-by-day money managers and still haven't found the one for me.
        For the day-by-day budgeting, Financisto is just what I need (and would like to use). And there are other similar apps around...

        But the hard part is to keep that up with an larger time span.
        For a long time I have been developing my own Excel spreadsheet where I centralize and classify my bank account transactions, credit card expenses, cash transactions,... There are a lot of data manipulation and macros that I maintain.

        But making these two change information is the hell. The bank statement, the credit card bills, my excel and every mobile app have their own organization (data input, output, categories structure,...)

        To me, a really reliable and customizable csv import/export would be just enough. It would need to import/export categories as well, of course. I can define a convenient format and treat it with a macro on excel as I desire.
        But a more beautiful solution would be a desktop (or web) app that could really read/write to Excel.
        Something like a desktop app with an Excel add-on, that could import/export data and config from/to Financisto.

        I'm sure that it is not just me, everyone have its own desire when it comes to financial managing and Excel is the most common tool for the ones that like to treat this kind of data.

      • Alen ŠiljakAlen Šiljak commented  · 

        I see no point in developing (yet another) desktop application. GnuCash is pretty much a standard in Open Source arena. So, better integration with it would be enough.
        An easier exporting of transactions (via qif, qfx, ofx or whataver) would make integration much easier.
        Online sync can be done via specific service (a la Dropbox).
        So... reading and writing gnucash files would also be an option.

      • YogoYogo commented  · 

        Very good interface for adding new transactions on the move. Desktop or web version would be great or better import options at least.

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